Galley Maid Windlasses are quality unites that consist of top of the line parts.  Our Vertical Models are available in rope only or rope and chain configurations. Theuy are available for use on vessels as large as 65 feet.  We do offer a 5 Hp. Warping capstan for larger vessels (rope only). They come in vast array of deck blocking to fit your specifications. They are available in D.C. and A.C. voltages. (Warping Capstan available in A.C. only)

Galley Maid also offers a vast  array of horizontal windlasses for vessels ranging from 20 to 200 feet.  The Confinguration are to numerous to list.  Call our technicians with inquiries and they will be able to address your specfic needs.

Galley Maid also offers windlass deck accessories to compliment our equipment

Galley Maid Windlasses