CTS Type I Systems

Our CTS Type I system is U.S.C.G and E.P.A. certified Type I treatment.  This unit pumps waste form the holding tank for treatment. (Approx, 332 gallons per day) This makes it availablefor use with multiple Galley Maid or other Marine heads. It is available in A.C. or D.C. voltage. For inspected or  uninspected vessels.

EPS Systems

Our EPS system is an add on system for your Galley Maid Delta Head. This unit meets U.S.C.G. and E.P.A. certifacation for Type waste treatment, It requires no extra pumps or electrocity. Certified in A.C. and D.C. voltages. For inspected and uninspected vessels.

CTS Type II Systems

Our CTS Type II system is for vessels in excess of 65 feet.  This unit also works from the holding tank.  It is capable of treating up to 1000 gallons per day.  It is available in A.C. voltage only. This unit is available as a modular unit or in one frame.  For inspected or uninspected vessels.